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TREPPIEDI NT-2111 - 3110

TREPPIEDI NT-2111 - 3110
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Cod. art.: 9022
UnitÓ di misura: PZ
DisponibilitÓ: Disponibile Corriere

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TREPPIEDI NT-2111 - 3110

Detailed SL - 2111 Professional Tripod Description

a) SL series is mainly used for cameras, videos
b) With appealing model design, easy carry, flexible use etc.
c) Multi - function 3 - way pan head and quick - release plate enable
the photographers' free use
d) Gear elevator crank and 3 - way pan/ tilt/ flip fluid - effect
head for smooth height adjustment
e) The non - slip adjustable feet are very helpful in keep balance
f) Folded length: 390mm
g) Minimum height: 390mm
h) Maximum height: 1062mm
i) Load capacity: 12kg
j) Maximum tube diameter: 19.4mm
k) Net weight: 0.65kg